Har du gått från svart till blont och sedan svart igen?

Funderar du på att blondera håret även om du vet att svart är din egentliga hårfärg? Vi har stödgruppen för dig. Klick.

Biffen har äntligen färgat håret svart igen, och efter att både hon och jag vet hur underbart det är att komma tillbaka till sin ursprungliga färg vill vi nu hjälpa andra i nöd. Varsågoda.

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  1. Oj sÃ¥ jag sku vilja joina gruppen eftersom jag igen Ã¥tergÃ¥tt till svart. Men jag var ju rödhÃ¥rig en ganska lÃ¥ng tid efter värinpoiston, sÃ¥ jag Ã¥ngra det liksom int… Men svart e nog ändÃ¥ bäst!

  2. Hello my name is Frank and im a 26 year old boy. Lately I’ve been having these weird thoughts about bleach my hair blond. Am I blondcurius? And do you know if i can threat this disease or desire if you will with prayers?

    My faith lies with you and the Lord know

    sincerely/ Frank the blondcurius guy

    • Dear Frank,
      Thank you for your very honest letter. I know what you are going through, and I feel for you. I really do.
      There is nothing wrong with being a bit blondcurious, but you know, in todays society it might be better to just oppress your curiousness. Who knows what the government might do if they knew.
      But then again, we might all soon be forced to go blonde, in order to survive.
      Well now, we should maybe not make this a political issue, it is after all hair we are talking about. And yes, I know what you are about to go through. And honestly, you have to go through it all if you want to be able to come back. And you will come back. And when you do, you will me a little wiser, a little more understanding and filled with faith for the dark hair (oops, I almost wrote “dark side”).
      So go ahead, but know that we are here, ready to take you back and talk you through the traumatic experience this surely is going to be.
      God bless,

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